Nominet .uk final chance promotion FAQ

You may have received an email from Nominet with the subject line  “Nominet .uk final chance promotion”


Q:  Is this a scam?

A:  No, it is an opportunity to secure the matching  YOUR_DOMAIN.UK domain to go alongside your existing YOUR_DOMAIN.CO.UK domain.  Nominet is contacting all qualifying uk domain contacts to advise them the new domain is available if they want it.


Q:  I already paid for my domain renewal, why are you asking for another payment?

A:  We are not, this is for a different, new, domain which you may purchase if you wish.


Q:  Am I obliged to take it up?

A:  No, it is an option.  You are under no obligation to take it up.


Q:  It says it’s reserved for me, so do I have to do anything more?

A:  Only if you want it.  In that case you need to let us know – BY EMAIL, not by phone – that you want to register it.  We will send an email with a link for you to pay securely online by credit or debit card through Worldpay’s secure facility.  Please do this well in advance on the 25th June.


Q:  I don’t want to use my card online, can I pay by a different method?

A:  No, payment must be made in advance for these domain registration(s) unless you already have credit terms with us.


Q:  I don’t want it, what do I need to do?

A:  Nothing.  You do not need to contact us to tell us you don’t want it.


Q:  I’m not sure whether I want the new domain or not, do I have to register it now?

A:  You only have sole registration rights until 25th June.  During that time no-one else can register your reserved domain.  After 25th June they will be freely available for anyone to register on a first-come, first-served basis so we cannot guarantee to register it for you.  If someone else decides they want it and they get there first, the domain will be theirs.


Q:  What is the registration cost?

A:  The cost is the same as you pay for your existing domain renewals.