Most customers will find help files available within their account but, if your account is not on our cPanel servers or further assistance is needed, we may be contacted by email; phone; or via the form on our Contact page.

Email: Please email the department relevant to the nature of your enquiry (replace [at] and [dot] with @ and . ) :

accounts [at] intrascape [dot] com (Finance-related enquiries.)
support [at] intrascape [dot] com (All other enquiries.)

If you are having problems logging into your email or cPanel account please contact us using the web form on our Contact Us page. In addition to the information you provide, the form will automatically collect information that may even help us to resolve your problem before we contact you.

Phone: Please call 01242 807 292
Please leave a message, including your name, phone number, and any domain name to which your enquiry may relate.