You won’t find us on Facebook,  Twitter or Google.  If we need to tell you something we will contact you directly.

Your email account login password is not known to us and, unlike some large organisations, we do not automatically scan your emails for keywords to generate marketing information for ourselves, or to sell to other organisations nor, in fact, for any other purpose.  Your emails are private to you and only you.  Of course, we are bound by current legal requirements and will need to provide information if requested to by a legitimate authority.

The privacy of your hosting account is also a priority, so we will never give your login details to any third party without your prior written consent.  It is equally important that if you have given them to someone who should no longer have them (a previous web designer, for example) you should either log into your control panel immediately and change the account password or ask us to do so.

We do not sell our customers’ details to anyone for any reason, and will only pass them on if legally required to do so.