Domain Registration/Renewal Terms & Conditions


This contract governs the provision of Intrascape Communications Limited domain registration and renewal service.

In this Contract the following terms shall have the respective meanings assigned to them (words in the plural include the singular and vice versa): “Intrascape Communications”, ” Intrascape ”, “us”, “our”, and “we”, means Intrascape Communications Limited; “customer”, “you”, and “your”, means the registrant or prospective registrant of a domain; “they”, and “them”, means the relevant domain registry.

These Terms & Conditions do imply any third-party rights or benefits and none should be construed from them.

The contents of this document are subject to change from time to time in response to changes that may not be within our control.  Updating this page is deemed to be notifying domain registrants and registrants will not be otherwise individually notified of them.

When you register a UK domain, i.e. a domain under the control of the UK domain registry, Nominet, you enter into a three-way Contract with Intrascape and Nominet. These are legal contracts, fully enforceable in law. Intrascape’s Terms are shown below the link to Nominet’s Terms & Conditions. If you register or renew a domain through Intrascape you agree to be bound by all relevant Contract(s) and Terms & Conditions. (Links will open in a new window.)

When you register any non-UK domain you also enter into a contract with the registry responsible for the administration of that domain name and agree to be bound by their Terms & Conditions in addition to those of Intrascape Communications Ltd.

In all cases by authorising Intrascape Communications Ltd to register or renew a domain name on your behalf we do as your representative only. You agree that any and all responsibilities, Terms & Conditions we may need to accept in so doing in order to complete the required action(s) are applicable to you as the registrant and not to us as your representative.  You agree to indemnify us against any and all claims of any nature whatsoever arising as a result of acting on your behalf.



General Information

It is a requirement that the registrant’s information held against ALL domain names is complete and accurate and always up to date. Registrants must notify Intrascape of any changes as soon as possible and Intrascape will update the registration information on the customer’s behalf. (Most changes are free of charge, but there is a charge for changing the registrant’s name at the registry for UK and, possibly, some other countries’ domains.) Failure to notify Intrascape of changes may result in Nominet suspending or cancelling the domain registration and the domain being lost, perhaps permanently if it is registered by another party.


The sole UK registry for UK domains is Nominet. Before registering, or renewing, a UK domain name you are required by Nominet to read their Terms & Conditions which may be found here:

Nominet’s Terms & Conditions of UK Domain Registration

Registrants proceeding with requests to register or renew UK domains through Intrascape Communcations Ltd will be deemed to have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions of both Nominet and Intrascape and agree to be legally bound by them.



Registrants agree to bound by Intrascape’s Terms & Conditions together with those of the registry responsible for the domain to be registered/renewed.

Domain registrants should read the information contained in these Terms & Conditions, together with the Terms & Conditions of the relevant registry dependent on the domain name being registered, by using the link to Nominet’s T&Cs in the Terms & Conditions for domains above, or by their own independent research, or via links provided in correspondence we may send regarding registration of other domains.

Intrascape Communications Ltd acts as an agent between the customer and the registry and cannot guarantee to be able to register or renew your chosen domain name.  No liability will be accepted by Intrascape should registration or renewal not succeed for any reason.

Domains will be registered in the customer’s own name, or company name, with the corresponding address and phone number. The email address may be that of the customer or their representative (e.g. ours, or that of a friend, or a web-designer, etc.) as the customer chooses. Administration, Billing, and Technical details will be in Intrascape’s name.

Domain registrants must provide us with complete and correct registration information before a domain may be registered. This information will be checked prior to registration and we will contact you if we have any queries or, in the case of UK domains, if we belive the information may not be verifiable by Nominet (which could prevent the registration completing).

Private individuals registering personal UK domains may choose to have their contact details withheld from the public Whois register free of charge, although their name will always appear. Email addresses for UK registrations are not shown on the public information. The privacy option is only available for private individuals of UK domains. Nominet has its own rules regarding what constitutes a private individual over which Intrascape has no control. Intrascape accepts no liability for loss of privacy nor any other loss or difficulty caused should Nominet make a customer’s details public.

US domain holders information may be withheld for a small additional annual fee. Please see below.

Registrations/renewals and changes will be carried out within 24 hours of us receiving the complete and accurate information, and (where applicable) the payment.



General information and Payment

Fees associated with domains are payable in advance unless we have previously agreed that you may pay by invoice in arrears.

Fees due for payment in advance are payable via secure online facilities provided by WorldPay. The domain(s) will then be registered and/or renewed within 24 hours barring unforeseen circumstances that prevent us so doing. Finally, an invoice will be issued for the transaction and emailed to you as a pdf attachment. A separate confirmation email will be sent advising what to do if you do not receive the invoice.



Domain registration/renewal for UK domains (those ending .uk): £35.25 including VAT and management. Default registration period is two years.

Domain registration for US domains (those ending .com, .net, .org): £35.25 including VAT and management. Default registration period is one year.

US domain ID protection: Please ask before paying for the registration or renewal of your domain as we will need to send you different payment details. Cost is an extra £6 including VAT for one year. It is best to start your ID protection on the registration/renewal date.

Domain renewal for US domains: £35.25 including VAT and management. (Only if the domain is renewed prior to, or within 28 days after, expiry date.

N.B.US domains not renewed before their expiry date are suspended on their expiry date. Those not renewed within 28 days after expiry are subject to a substantial premium levied by the US domain registrar, called the Redemption Grace Period Reactivation Fee. The fee is variable, dependent on the exchange rate, but is in addition to the renewal fee.

Charges for registration/renewal,and registration periods, for other domains may vary considerably. Please enquire.

We strongly advise renewal of your domain name before it expires.



Change of registrant name/ownership: £20 plus VAT.

Changes to other domain contact details: Free.

Transfers in: Free.

Transfers out: £10 plus VAT.

We reserve the right to add other charges to this list in the event that the registries levy such charges on us.



Once you have authorised renewal of a domain name the domain will be renewed and we will incur fees on your behalf from the relevant registry.

Non-UK domains: Cancellation of non-UK domains is not possible and no refunds will not be given.

UK domains: Cancellation and refund of UK domains is possible under certain circumstances within a strict time limit. Please contact us straight away. If we are able to cancel the registration or renewal we will do so and will refund your payment minus our administration fee (please see * below).

If you decide not to proceed, or send a duplicate payment, and either the domain has not yet been renewed or we are able to cancel the renewal, we will refund your payment minus our administration fee (please see * below).

* Refunds of payments made by WorldPay are subject to a deduction of £5 plus VAT administration charge. This is to cover fees levied on us by WorldPay for both the incoming transaction and the refund.

In the event that we make mistake, or the decision to refund is made solely by us, we will issue a full refund or, if appropriate, an alternative option will be offered. You are not obliged to accept an alternative to a refund if you choose not to do so.


US dot com domains are our most commonly registered, non-UK, domains and the are open for registration by anyone. That is not the case will all countries’ domains. If you are interested in registering a non-UK, or non country-specific, domain please ask us and we will advise on availability and cost of registering through us (we are not able to register all domains).

These Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice.