Customer comments

Below are just a few extracts from emails sent to us by our customers.  We really appreciate their support, just as they appreciate ours.

“…I’m still here.  Not heard from me because nothing goes wrong with your hosting! It just works!”

“…A great service so why shouldn’t I? lol….”  (In response to our thanks for paying his invoices so promptly.)

“…Thank you so much for your help with this. Great customer service.”

“…As always, such a great service you’re providing!”

“…I appreciate your personal reply and courtesy. It’s an uncommon service these days. :)”

“…I’m very impressed with the efficient service that your company gives.   Pleased to say that I have had success, thanks to your clear instructions.”

“…Many, many, thanks,  Your support has been fantastic, I appreciate it very much.   Thanks again for all your help.”

“…Thank you.   Your customer service is second to none.  I am intending to set up a new site next year.  I will not hesitate to use Intrascape.”

“Thanks for all the info – you really are a star !!! All of you ! I really do appreciate the time you have given me not to mention the help – superb….  Thank you once again for all your help (and for not making me feel like a complete dummy – although I am).  You have restored my faith in mankind :-)”

“…I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with the excellent service and response time that you/Intrascape provide.”