Other Hosting Options

Your hosting requirements will depend on your type of business, your business plan and its growth stage.

Some companies have specific security policies that mandate certain options, whilst others have  scalability requirements which may require expansion of services to meet business demands.

We provide a mix of solutions tailored for each customer, so please do contact us to discuss your requirements further. We have provided an high-level summary of they key considerations below:

  Co-location Dedicated Servers Virtual Servers
Cloud (Computing)
  Contact us  Contact us Contact us
Who ‘owns’ the server? You Intrascape Intrascape
Maintenance of server hardware You Intrascape Intrascape
Physical access to your server yes no no
Maintenance of server operating system You* You* You*
Cpanel Licensing available on annual basis No Yes Yes
Redundancy / Performance Custom Custom Typical 15k RPM SAS Drives in RAID10
Cost £ Hardware
£ Setup
£ monthly
£ Setup
£ monthly
£ Setup
£ Monthly
Typical Cost from £150/month
(setup £100)
(setup £100-500)
(setup £50)
Key strength Server can be to your exact requirements; you remain owner of server hardware. No need to worry about server failures; Avoid capex costs. Scalability, backup/upgrade options & low time-to-deploy
Facilities Telehouse Telehouse Telehouse
Bandwidth Agreed rates Agreed rates Unmetered**

* We can provide maintenance/support services at additional cost.
** Subject to fair usage policy.

Why should I choose Intrascape?

  • We do not rely on any single supplier for our network connectivity . We run an ‘autonomous’ network which means we are in control over how our routes are announced to the Internet.
  • Our network is designed and maintained for performance and quality which are our priority. We provide hosting to companies specialising in network metrics/monitoring and VoIP, applications which are very sensitive to latency, jitter, packet loss and speed variations.
  • We have been providing hosting services since 1998 and have run our own autonomous network for over 17 years. You can rest assured we are financially sound and technically competent. We still have many customers who signed up over ten years ago!
  • Our network is based on a resilient multi-homed IP Transit mix from multiple providers, including  MFN Abovenet, Level 3, Lonap and LINX  so we can interconnect directly with most of the UK network operators . This helps us to get the fastest and most reliable connectivity to key broadband networks and hosting companies, and when problems do arise, we can liaise directly with network engineers of the relevant networks.
  • We use the best quality international transit providers and our routing policies ensure we pick the optimal path. We have diverse links at 1Gbps or faster to tier-1 providers in multiple sites.
  • We have direct relationships with co-location facilities, with no third parties involved. This protects us from failure of intermediate suppliers.
  • We are a Local Internet Registry within the RIPE region, so we can assign IP space directly to clients from our aggregate block, so it shows up being registered to you.