Is my .uk domain at risk?

Your .uk domain may be at risk under certain circumstances, which include (but are not restricted to) the following:

  • If you do not provide us with the correct name and address information at the time of registration (or subsequently).  Your domain will be suspended if your details cannot be validated.
  • If you do not pay us for the registration or renewal.
  • If you do not notify us of changes to your contact details.  We need a current email address (not based on the domain) to ensure you are notified when the domain is due for renewal.
  • If you breach any of  Nominet’s Terms & Conditions (by which we mean those published on their web site and any links contained therein to other rules or requirements they may bring in from time to time).  You will find Nominet’s Terms & Conditions here:  Nominet’s Terms & Conditions of UK Domain Registration
  • If you breach any of our Terms & Conditions for domain registrations, which you will find here: Intrascape’s Terms & Conditions of UK Domain Registration or certain sections of our standard Terms & Conditions (Links will open in a new tab.)
  • If you use the domain for illegal, immoral, racist, or otherwise dubious purposes.


  N.B.  This is not a definitive list; many other things could also jeopardise your domain registration.