About Us

Intrascape was formed 22 years ago as a hosting company.

You place your business in our hands and we recognise how important that is. Everything we do is focused around building customers’ trust so they know they can rely on us to deliver the solution that meets their technical and financial requirements.

We offer hosting services and connectivity for a broad range of clients, from individuals just wanting email, through SME’s, up  to public companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. We deliver the highest levels of quality in all our services; listening to our customers’  needs and supporting their growth in future years.

We deliver Hosting Without Compromise.

Intrascape’s network is built around multi-platform systems which include IBM, HP  and Cisco, all chosen for their quality in manufacturing, software and support.

We operate from two main sites: one in Telehouse London, the other in Surrey, with backup services in other locations.

We have never advertised and have no marketing departments or corporate overheads, just staff who can, build, maintain, and support the solution you take from us.

The money you spend with us goes into making our service to you better.

This formula works for us, and it works for of customers. Try us and see – if you’re not completely satisfied,  just walk away.

Getting in touch..

No queuing on the phones, no complicated menu systems, and no tiered email support system.

When you phone us your call will go to voicemail.  Please leave us a message, including all the information relevant to your enquiry.  We can then investigate before we call you back.  We  will email you, or call you back, usually within the hour, often within minutes.
When you email us we will  aim to respond within a few minutes, although that may not always be possible.

Our quoted response time is within 48 hours, but that is to allow for unforeseen circumstances that may prevent us responding as quickly as usual.  If you have not heard from us within 12 hours we may not have received your message, so please contact us again.

Telephone: 01242 807292 (voicemail)
24/7 support: Contact details available via your account manager
Web site: http://www.intrascape.com
Sales Enquiries: via contact form
Snail Mail: Intrascape Communications Ltd
PO. BOX 16563
London SW16 4ZT

The contact details provided are for current and prospective customers only. We do not respond to unsolicited calls or e-mails from companies wishing to supply us goods or services, and would kindly request that you leave us off your database.